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Export X (Twitter) data to excel file or Google sheet

All-in-One Export tool for Twitter post retweets, likes and quotes.

What data you will get?

Column key (15 columns)Description
created_atDate of account creating
descriptionProfile description
favourites_countTotal number of tweets that a user has marked as favorites, or likes
followers_countCount of followers
friends_countCount of friends
locationProfile location
media_countCount of profile media files
nameProfile name
profile_banner_urlLink to profile banner
profile_image_url_httpsLink to profile image
screen_nameProfile unique username
statuses_countCount of posted tweets
urlLink to website
is_blue_verifiedIs account has verified paid blue checkmark
verifiedIs account verified (legacy)


About tool

Provide us X (Twitter) post url and we will export data to .xlsx, .csv, or Google spreadsheet file.

How it works?

  1. Fill up the form above with your data request and press Export data.
  2. Click on the Pay button and finish simple checkout steps in the popup.
  3. Once you pay, Download Excel file button will be displayed.


For any questions email us to

Note: The exported data can be used for research or analysis purposes.