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Export Tiktok data to excel file or Google sheet

All-in-One Export tool for Tiktok posts, followers and following.

What data you will get?

Column key (9 columns)Description
postIdPost id
descPost description
createTimePost creation timestamp
postUrlPost URL
collectCountCollect count
commentCountComments count
diggCountDigg count
playCountPlays count
shareCountShares count


About tool

Provide us Tiktok username or search query and we will export data to .xlsx, .csv, or Google spreadsheet file.

How it works?

  1. Fill up the form above with your data request and press Export data.
  2. Click on the Pay button and finish simple checkout steps in the popup.
  3. Once you pay, Download Excel file button will be displayed.


For any questions email us to

Note: The exported data can be used for research or analysis purposes.