Export and Analyze Data from Instagram or TikTok

Export data from socials into Excel, .CSV or Google SpreadSheet file

How to export data?

  1. Contact with us by:
  2. Describe what data you would like to export
  3. Then, we will send you a link to checkout
  4. After payment, Excel(or .CSV) +Google SpreadSheet files will be ready to download.

Currently, we support the following exports:

Instagram export

  1. Comments (maximum 5k comments.)
  2. Likes (maximum 5k likes.)
  3. Followers (maximum 20k followers.)
  4. Following (maximum 20k following.)
  5. Posts (from Account) (maximum 5k posts.)
  6. Posts (from Hashtag) (maximum 100k followers.)
  7. Posts (from Location) (maximum 100k followers.)

TikTok export

  1. Posts (from Account)
  2. Posts (from Hashtag)