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TikTok Video Downloader

How it works?

  1. Open TikTok app on your mobile or TikTok website in web browser, e.g Chrome.
  2. Find a TikTok video and copy link on it.
  3. Paste copied TikTok video link into the field "Enter link on TikTok Video:" and click "Download" button.


Is this app free?

Yes, it's absolutely free! You don't have to pay for using our TikTok video downloader.

Do I need to install additional application for using TikTok Downloader?

No. Our TikTok Downloader works online via web-browser(Chrome, Safari, Firefox) on PC, iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

Is it possible to download TikTok Cover Photo?

Yes. When you paste copied TikTok Video link into download form and click "Download", the Download Cover button will be displayed.